Printed Publications

Symposium in Metaphilosophy (2011)

  • A small symposium of three papers presented at the Second Nordic Pragmatism Conference will appear in the journal Metaphilosophy in late 2011. The authors are Robert B. Talisse, Henrik Rydenfelt and David Hildebrand.
  • Pragmatism, Science and Naturalism (2011)

  • A volume collecting together papers presented at the Nordic Pragmatism Workshop on naturalism will be published with Peter Lang in 2011. The editors are Jonathan Knowles and Henrik Rydenfelt.
  • Pragmatist Perspectives (2009)

  • A collection of papers presented at the First Nordic Pragmatism Conference has been published in the series Acta Philosophica Fennica in 2009. The volume is edited by Sami Pihlström and Henrik Rydenfelt. View the Table of Contents and Preface (pdf).